Susticacán: Photo Homage

Dick Davis, Ourmexico’s wandering traveler and writer, after reading the favorable comments posted on the Forum about Susticacán, became intrigued and couldn’t resist a side trip to check out the truth.

I checked the map, ran my finger from Zacatecas to Jerez, and then south of Jerez to Susticacán. There it was, an hour’s drive from Zacatecas. I was intrigued by the numerous favorable comments that I had read in Ourmexico’s Forum about Susticacán. I wanted to make a side trip to check out the truth.

I was driving the Grand Marquis admiring the scenic route when I approached Susticacán, noticed a road sign and stopped. The sign

Welcome to Susticacán
Flora and Fauna Sanctuary
Hunting or destruction of vegetation prohibited
inside the municipal limits.

This welcome was shortly followed by another notice:

If you enjoy
Destroying Nature and the Environment
We prefer that you do not visit Susticacán

The Grand Marquis rolled forward. I crossed a bridge, entered a stonewalled, cypress tree lined small town jewel. The white concrete street sparkled. Off to the right I could see the Panteón, the cemetery, embellished with flowers still fresh from Day of the Dead.

The street Y-ed, I steered right of the triangle, then stopped to take a picture of the park and bright red bougainvillea. As I got out my camera I could see a cowboy on horseback coming towards me. He made a fine photo, reined in his horse and we chatted. I asked about the town and if there was an Internet café to pickup email.

The cowboy pointed me to the museum, the town square and the computer school. Everything was “derecho” straight ahead.

Jairo Flores ran the computer school and offered me a computer to check my e-mail. Students were working, eyes fixed on the computer screen. Occasionally, someone raised a hand and Jairo went over to help.

The town followed the river, basically one beautiful long street. I drove to the far edge then turned around and came back to the main plaza. A young lady was standing outside the municipal hall. I asked if there was a restaurant in town. She told me there was only one and that it would open in the evening.

Since she was in front of City Hall, I asked, “Are you the mayor?” She laughed. I said, “You’re mayor for the day.” We talked about her family, 9 brothers and sisters, 7 in the U.S. I asked to take her picture and she sparkled like the town itself.

The sun was setting in the west; lights came on in the park. The jewel of Susticacán glowed.

Photos of Susticacán

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Dick Davis has been a frequent traveler to Mexico since 1975. He’s taught businessmen and high school students. He has lived in San Luis Potosí, Querétaro and Dolores Hidalgo. He's traveled by bus, train and more recently by automobile. When he gets lost, it's an adventure


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One Response to Susticacán: Photo Homage

  1. OLEGRA SANTOS B. June 1, 2013 at 10:20 pm #

    WHAT a wonderful area of Mex. you mention.!!!!After getting our
    road books & insurance From Sanborns in Laredo,Tx .we crossed
    to Nuevo Laredo Tamps. on Bridge # 2, ate at the new hotel
    there on Collocio Blvd,bought pesos at bank nearby & went on..
    our original destination was Guad. but we stayed our 7 days
    in Zacatecas what wonderful historic area!

    sorry,im new at this

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