Where’s the old Our Mexico?

The old Our Mexico site lay neglected for the last several years. Doreen and I never lost our love of visiting — in fact we visited many times including last three months last winter in Oaxaca — but, the website didn’t get much attention. I’ve rebuilt the foundation and am now going through the process […]

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Traveling to Mexico with Children – Educational and Fun

Anywhere in Mexico is a good place to travel with kids, my personal opinion. The tourist meccas of Cancun, Cozumel, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta on the mainland, and Los Cabos in Baja, are more expensive and may have less serious crime – due to the diligence of police, and local officials, seeking to secure tourist […]

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Q Gallery Courtyard

Weaving Takes Center Stage: How I Sewed a Huipil From Indigenous Cloth

Oaxaca is a fixation of color, texture, visual excitement, and a feast for the senses. Fiber is my passion, so in my wanderings i search of great hand made paper jewelry, I found “Q” tucked away on M. Bravo No. 109. This is the most sensual, deliciously minimalist gallery in Oaxaca city. One extraordinary feature […]

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Cochineal Dyes

Dancing on the Loom: Oaxaca Weaving Workshops

Oaxaca is the center of an ancient Mesoamerican weaving tradition. Zapotecs have been weaving in the Oaxaca Valley for at least 4,000 years and likely much longer according to archaeologists and anthropologists. Early weavers cultivated and spun cotton, coloring their yarn with natural dyes made from plant materials indigenous to the region: moss and lichen, […]

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Susticacán: Photo Homage

I checked the map, ran my finger from Zacatecas to Jerez, and then south of Jerez to Susticacán. There it was, an hour’s drive from Zacatecas. I was intrigued by the numerous favorable comments that I had read in Ourmexico’s Forum about Susticacán. I wanted to make a side trip to check out the truth. […]

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nco de Mayo Parade, Puebla

Mexican Pride: Cinco de Mayo

When I went to San Luis Potosi, Mexico to teach English I was surprised to find that May 5th was not a National Holiday. It’s a major event in Puebla but scarcely celebrated in San Luis Potosi. Its a big fiesta here in the U.S. and I had assumed it was celebrated all over Mexico. […]

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Las Posadas

The tourist office, under the archways in the main plaza, was open when I arrived in the small colonial town of Zacatlán de las Manzanas, two hours east of Mexico City. The plaza, anchored by the 16th century ex Convento de San Franciso, was aglow in silvery fog that foreshadowed the magical time I was […]

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The Panteón, San Miguel's cemetery

Day of the Dead: An Inside View of San Miguel de Allende

Once a year St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in San Miguel de Allende offers an inside view of San Miguel de Allende. It’s the major fundraiser of the year for Feed the Hungry and most of the cost of the tour goes to support a school lunch program for impoverished Mexican children. Our Features Writer, Dick […]

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Forty Days: On the Road in Mexico: Travel, Adventures and Discovery

In 2005, Ourmexico’s Features Writer, Dick Davis, drove 6047 miles inside Mexico, from Nogales to Oaxaca. Like the Biblical Noah, he took 40 days. His ark was the Grand Marquis, which consumed 266 gallons of gas. Highway toll charges cost $386 and of course there was insurance, an extra $235. It was a journey of […]

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Ixmiquiquilpan nave mura

Ixmiquilpan: Murals and Music

Real del Monte took up most of my day. I headed for Queretaro but as the sun dropped, I looked at my map and I could see that I could not make Queretaro before dark. No Thanks. Daylight is tough enough on the Grand Marquis and me. I came to the town of Ixmilquilpan. I […]

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